Product Shares

Have you often wondered, “What does this paper really look like?”  “Will I like it when I get it”  “Does that ribbon really coordinate well with that paper”  “I am not sure I want to buy a package of that item until I know what it is really like”

I understand!  I have been there!  Sometimes the picture in the catalog just doesn’t do the product justice!  And sometimes you can’t decide which of the products you want out of a section….”Do I want one of each, or only a few color options?”

I will be offering “samplings” of various products for you to try.  That way you can see, feel and use the actual product before you decide if you want the whole package.

These will be called Product Shares and will be noted as such.

These can be purchased through PayPal on my website.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me!

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