Mini Scrapbook for Lynn

My husband’s secretary is an amazing woman!  She is so talented and seems to have end-less energy!  She is always doing something for someone.  I have no idea how she does it!!  I wanted to do something special for her for Christmas, so I made her a Mini-Scrapbook.  This particular scrapbook lay-out was one we did for My Virtual Stamp Club this past month.

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…back to Lynn’s Mini Scrapbook….

Lynn has chickens and loves all things outdoors.  She often shares the eggs from her hens with us and other people.  So I chose the theme for her scrapbook based on her love for her hens and her boundless energy.

DSCN1819  My photo did not do the colors of this paper justice.  The colors are deeper.  The yellow belly-band blocks the pictures of the row of chickens across the bottom.  (This designer paper is not Stampin’ Up! but the cardstocks are.  I chose to get non-Stampin’ Up! designer papers for the chicken/hen theme)

This particular scrapbook is made using cardboard CD folders..  As you can see in this next picture, the book seems to just go and go in several directions.  It is a little tricky to put together – but well worth the effort!

DSCN1835 The CD folders allow for pockets for memorabilia and special journaling.  Below are some pictures of a few different pages:

DSCN1821 These are the first pages of Lynn’s Mini Scrapbook.  They set the theme for the book and also speak about Lynn’s busy life.

DSCN1825 On this grouping of pages (3 individual pages) there is a concealed pocket on the left (under the hen and chicks). It is a pull-out piece to be used for other photographs, memorabilia or journaling.  Each of the pull out pieces has a ribbon as a handle to pull out the pages. On the center page, there is also a small pull-out piece for journaling.  (See picture below)

DSCN1827  The 3rd page is blank for a photograph.

DSCN1830  These pages have space for a picture on each page, with the 3rd page being a pull-out.  There is also a pull out on the page to the left.

I have made about 3 of this style Mini Scrapbook.  I love these!  They are a little tricky, but once you get a handle on it, they come together pretty easy.  So much fun and so much versatility.  I must say, this is my new “favorite” mini scrapbook!

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Happy Stamping!

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