Another Mini Scrapbook

As I was looking through my pictures to get ready to work on the next few blogs, I realized I didn’t take pictures of one of the Mini Scrapbooks I made!  Drats!!  It was a train for my little great-nephew, Luke, who loves trains.  I am so bummed that I forgot to take pictures!!

Luke’s Train Scrapbook was made to be long, like a train.  There was an engine in the front, a caboose at the end with about five pages of train cars in between. Each page had places for pictures and memorabilia. This particular scrapbook was made to lay flat or to be hung on the wall.  When you tire of one side…..just flip it over and there is a whole new scrapbook on the other side!  So cute!

But I do have pictures of a few of the others I made, so I will share those over the next few days.

This scrapbook was made for my great-niece, Jamie.  She is the sweetest little girl – so mature for her age and so nurturing to her two younger brothers.  She has had a smile on her face since the day she was born.  Always positive and always kind – a lot like her mother, Monica.  I think of jamie as the “cheer leader” since she is always encouraging and brightening your day!

DSCN1858  So Jamie’s scrapbook reflects her “cheer-leader” side!  It is in the shape of a pennant.  The colors in Jamie’s book are cheerful and energetic – just like her!  The first half of the book is made of pennants which are straight edged.  The second half of the book has a scalloped edge which extends out over the straight edged pages.  Just that little extra frill for a young girl!

DSCN1859  I have coordinated the adjoining pages – usually a solid cardstock on one side with a printed Designer Paper on the corresponding page.  The pages contain a place to add photos and memorabilia.

DSCN1861  This page has a place for journaling

DSCN1865 There are several place for Jamie to add photo’s of herself and her friends.  And some space to write down her thoughts and memories.

DSCN1864 For Jamie’s scrapbook, I added lots of flowers and hearts – happy things that fit her personality.

I had so much fun making these scrapbooks!  I hope my great- nieces and nephews and their parents enjoy them also!

Who have you made a Mini Scrapbook for?  What shapes and themes did you use?

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